Preparing to Ride – Warming Up

Riding an ATV requires a lot of body movement. Doing warm-up stretches and exercises when preparing to ride will help prevent muscle strain and injury.…
May 27, 2022
preparing to ride - what to take

Preparing to Ride – What to Take

You should know safe riding practices and be aware of the environmental concerns shared by responsible riders. Being prepared and knowing how to survive is…
May 19, 2022
atv rider with full gear Preparing to Ride - What To WearGear

Preparing to Ride – What To Wear

Personal safety and comfort are enhanced when you wear protective clothing. Operating without protective clothing increases your chances of severe injury in the event of…
May 19, 2022
mind and body, a group of atvers ride down a pathHealth

Mind and Body

Having fun and being safe means paying attention to both mind and body. It extends beyond wearing helmets and goggles. It means recognizing how important…
June 9, 2021
training and education, two atv'ers riding in a fieldSafetyTraining

Training and Education

Professional training offers students the opportunity to increase their safety knowledge and practice basic riding skills in a controlled environment under the direct supervision of…
June 7, 2021
safe gear safe practices, atv riders with helmets in fieldGear

Safe Gear, Safe Practices

We all need to practice safety – not just on the trail, but in every aspect of our sport and home life too. Safety encompasses…
June 5, 2021
trailbox talks, atv riding in trail

Introducing Trailbox Talks Hi, I’m Denise Erickson, Vice President of the Canadian Quad Council (CQC). Each year, the first full week of June is recognized as “Quad…
June 3, 2021