Riding an ATV requires a lot of body movement. Doing warm-up stretches and exercises when preparing to ride will help prevent muscle strain and injury.

Stretching: Remove large and sharp objects from pockets. Do not overexert yourself on warm-up exercises.

Neck stretch: Tilt head forward and side to side – not back. Do not strain.

Arm circles: Hold arms straight out to the side and rotate arms counterclockwise in 12-inch circles five times. Do the same clockwise five times each way.

Waist bends: With feet at shoulder width, bend forward slowly at the waist, and repeat to the back and sides. Do five bends.

Leg stretches: Put one leg at a time on the footrest or tire of your ATV and bend
forward. Do each leg five times.

Slight knee bends: With hands on your waist, feet shoulder-width apart, bend slightly at the knee and stand back up. Do it at least five times.

Thigh stretches: With legs wider than shoulder-width, lean whole body to the left, then to the right. Do each direction five times.

These are minimal exercises and repetitions suggested for warming up. As with any strenuous physical activity, you should consult your physician if there is any doubt about your being in shape to ride. Sore muscles or joints could limit your movement and require you to take extra precautions when riding.