Professional training offers students the opportunity to increase their safety knowledge and practice basic riding skills in a controlled environment under the direct supervision of a certified Instructor. This teaches skills relevant to the new rider, lapsed rider, and any rider seeking to improve his or her riding skills.

The Canadian ATV Safety Institute (CASI) – a division of the Canadian Quad Council (CQC) – has joined forces with the Canadian Off-Highway Vehicle Distributors Council (COHV), the ATV Safety Institute (ASI), and the Recreational Off-Highway Vehicle Association (ROHVA) to offer the CASI ATV RiderCourseSM and the ROHVA e-course. The CASI ATV RiderCourseSM is fully hands-on. The ROHVA course is divided into two parts with the first half offered as a free, interactive online safety course. The goal of this e-course is to help develop safe driving habits and to serve as a precursor to the hands-on and more in-depth ROHVA course.

Training information and links to provincial rider federations offering the training courses can be found at and

Launched in 2016, ATV/Quad Safety Week is a great example of how provincial and national rider federations are working together to promote safety. In addition to these Trailbox Talks, provincial and national rider federations are using the week to hold events and highlight a year-long message of safety. Information about ATV/Quad Safety Week events will be promoted through each of the provincial OHV organizations’ websites, social media posts, and planned events (depending on Covid restrictions), and announcements.

The Canadian Quad Council and its member provincial rider federations also conduct workshops and educational sessions to share safety messages throughout the year. Contact your provincial rider federations through to see what events are coming up, whether virtual or in-person.

Riders can also access various printed safety materials such as Tips and Practice Guide for the All-Terrain Vehicle Rider, Tips and Practice Guide for the Recreational Off-Highway Vehicle Driver, Parents Youngsters, and All-Terrain Vehicles, and Adventure Trail Activity Book. These resources can be ordered or downloaded, free of charge, through the rider federations or directly from the COHV website at

Have a great ride, have a safe ride, and have fun.

Ask your members and ATV / ROV trainers these questions (through your posts, on your Facebook page, blogs, etc.) Possible answers are listed below each question.


Who should take training?

  1. In some provinces, specific land areas and insurance companies require proof of training.
  2. Everyone can benefit from this type of training as there are always aspects of riding that can be improved upon.
  3. New riders are targeted for training, and when you acquire a new OHV, as every OHV handles it differently.

Are there age restrictions?

  1. Each OHV manufacturer sets guidelines as to rider age and size of rider.
  2. Each course instructor will set an age restriction with adult supervision.
  3. Individual provinces may set age restrictions for driving OHVs. Please check with your provincial authorities, club executives, and insurance provider.

Where can I take the hands-on courses?

  1. Contact your Local or Provincial organization for instructor contact information.